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Safest Way to Look Inside Human Body

Ultrasound is the safest way to have a look inside human body. It makes the use of high frequency sound waves which do not cause any harm to the human body. At Star Imaging and Path Labs, we have highly trained ultrasound specialists working on the highest- end equipment available in the world today. Our fleet of ultrasound machines includes the Voluson E-8 and Logiq S-8 by GE Healthcare and the My Lab Twice by Esaote Medical, amongst other high- end equipments. We were one of the first to introduce 4D ultrasound scanning for our patients in our country, several years ago.

Ultrasound scanning helps in almost any domain of disease identification. It is mostly used in tests for pregnancy; it can be done for the lower abdomen, upper abdomen- liver, pancreas, breast, and even for heart, bones, joints, neck etc. Ultrasound is important tool and in right hands and helps in clearing outmost doubts related to diagnostic queries that doctors face during the diagnostic and treatment procedures.

Our Fleet of Ultrasound machines also includes 5D ultrasound (Samsung crystal WS80A), which has a high resolution and delivers exceptional image quality in addition to 3D/ 4D ultrasound reports.

X-RAY with Less Radiation Exposure

When compared to a normal X ray digital X rays works with upto 90% less radiations. Computed Radiography(CR) saves on danger and time of excessive radiations exposure of the patient and minor exposure faults can be corrected digitally. Safest Way to Look Inside Human Body


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the body makes use of a powerful magnetic field, along with radio waves and a computer to generate detailed pictures of the inside of your body. At Star we have Siemens Magnetom Verio 3 Tesla70 cms “Open Bore” machine to perform the tests, which gives highest comfort even to obese patients and reduced sedation rate, even the pediatric patients can be scanned easily.

Optima CT SCAN

Optima CT 600 helps in acquisition of 128 slices per rotation. For the fast and high quality acquisitions of test procedures like cardiac, P. Angio, Chest , Brian, oath, Onco, abdomen and more. It helps in providing information for efficient definitive diagnosis at low dose while patients stay calm and comfortable. It is really useful while examining aged people and children.

3D Picture of Jaws

A CT Denta scan is a specialized type of CT scan that makes use of special software that helps in construction of unique 3D images of patient’s jaws and surrounding tissues.


It is important for clinicians to get fast and high-quality acquisitions at optimised dose for patients young and old, large built and small built & across a wide spectrum of procedures like: cardiac, peripheral angiography, brain, chest, abdomen, orthopedic, oncology and more. The Optima CT660 provides clinicians with information for efficient and definitive diagnoses at low-dose while patients stay calm and comfortable. This feature helps clinicians to build patient's confidence and is quiet useful while examining aged people and children.

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Quality in lab testing in simple words, is giving a value of a test as close as possible to the actual biochemistry levels.

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