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Star Tips

  • Reporting Time: 8.00 am to 9.00 am
  • Duration: 4 to 5 hrs approximately, depending on Plan opted for.
  • Breakfast will be served to you at Star Health Care. Terms and Condition to apply.
  • Consultation & Reports Collection only after 24 Hours. Alternately, Reports will be couriered to Guest’s forwarding Address.
  • All Guests will be provided with special sanitized robes & Footwear.Tennis shoes will be made available to Guests undergoing Stress test.
  • Fasting Do’s & Don't’s - Do not consume any Edibles or Beverages (Tea, Coffee, Juices) for 10-12 hours prior to Check-In Time at Star Health Care. Intake of Water, however, during fasting time-window is allowable.
  • Alcohol restriction applies for 24 hours prior to your appointment with Star Health Care.
  • It is preferred that you carry Urine and Stool samples alongwith kit provided, while visiting Star Health Care.
  • If you are on some regular medications for conditions like Blood Pressure, Diabetes please remember to carry either your Consultant’s Prescription or the medication.
  • Medication on an empty stomach is strictly prohibited. They are best consumed post Breakfast. Your Guest Relations Executive at Star Health Care will assist you in this regard.
  • Please remember to carry Previous Health Records to facilitate a Comparative Study at Star Health Care.
  • If you have signed-up for a Plan which includes Stress Test and you have been advised Beta-Blockers for a heart condition by your Consultant, please suspend consumption for 24 hours prior to your Investigations. Do speak to your Consultant for an alternative drug for the period
Star Anaemia Plan & Star Liver Plan
Star Ante-Natal Plan
Star Arthralgia Plan
Star Cancer Screening (His & Her)
Star Premire Cardiac Profile
Star Child Health Plan
Star Diabetes Profile
Star General Health Plan
Star Infertility Profile
Star Nano Plan
Star Pre-Surgery Plan
Star Primary Infertility Profile
Star Prostate Cancer Screening
Star Senior Citizen (His And Her) Plan
Star Thyroid Plan
Star Whole Body Investigation

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